Yu-Chen was born in Taiwan. He started to play the cello when he was seven years old. His first teacher was Zong-Hui Chen at Hou De primary school. After he graduated, he continued to New Taipei Municipal Chong Qing Junior High School to study cello with Ya-Ru Lian until starting at Taipei Municipal Fuxing Senior High School. In 2014, he immigrated to the United States and started at Gateway High School. During this period, he studied with Mr. Mikhail Istomin and Mr. Adam Liu (Assistant Principal Cello) from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Yu-Chen completed his undergraduate degree in music performance at Duquesne University and is currently pursuing his master’s degree in music performance. He is a member of the Believe String Quartet and is on the substitute list for the Akron Symphony, Altoona Symphony, Washington Symphony, and Johnstown Symphony. After graduation, Yu-Chen is planning to pursue a career in a professional orchestra or to continue his studies in a doctoral program for music performance.