There is a moment…the lights have gone down and your heart swells with the first few notes of the music. That moment where your breath stops for just a second as the full sound of the orchestra washes over you, allowing you to appreciate the full glory of the work as the composer intended it. No CD, no iPod, not even the finest home stereo can capture the experience of a live orchestra performing the work of music’s masters.

The NEPA Philharmonic Masterworks series is the cornerstone of our programming. It uses the largest numbers of musicians, requires the most rehearsal and draws on the incredible richness of the last four centuries of music.


Featuring the music of Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky!

Our final concert of the season opens with Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto. Undoubtedly one of the most well-known and beloved works in the piano repertoire, it captivates listeners with its expansive opening movement and continues to mesmerize all the way through to its edge-of-your-seat finale. Joining us this evening is internationally acclaimed concert pianist Xiayin Wang. According to Musical America, Ms. Wang “can be at one moment sensual and the next, rhythmically driving…with such assuredness, and such delicacy, that one forgets the difficulties inherent in the performance, and is left breathless in musical awe.” Her extensive discography and global concert tours have garnered high praise from leading publications such as the New York Times, the New Yorker and BBC Music Magazine, to name a few. 

Closing the concert is Rachmaninoff’s sublime Second Symphony. With its heartfelt melodies and lush romanticism, this symphonic marvel will surely make spirits soar.  Don’t miss this spellbinding season finale–it’s a perfect night out at the symphony!

SATURDAY, JUNE 1, 2024 | 7:30PM

Kirby Center for Creative Arts, Wyoming Seminary Upper School, Kingston


In honor of NEPA Philharmonic's own Maestra, Melisee Brunet


Mélisse Brunet, NEPA Philharmonic’s Music Director and Conductor, is one of five international women who gathered in Paris and participated in La Maestra, the only competition in the world for female orchestra conductors. “Personal stories of survival, passion and perseverance are woven together with the drama and excitement of this one of a kind event.”

This private screening will feature a reception at 2PM that includes a wine and Prosecco bar along with a charcuterie table. The movie begins at 3PM and will be followed by a Q & A with Mélisse.

This movie was Directed by Maggie Contreras and Executive Producer David Letterman.

Two ticket prices: Reception & Movie – $75 or VIP Meet & Greet, Reception & Movie – $125

Enhance the movie experience and purchase the VIP Ticket for $125 and receive a personalized poster signed by Mélisse. Signing begins at 1:30 inside the theater.

SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2024 | 2:00PM

Scranton Art Haus Movie Theater – 301 Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton

Since you’re reading this description, we’ll assume for the moment that you’re already familiar with the formal side of orchestral music, the tuxedo and gown sorts of performances of the masters’ works that have been going on in music halls for centuries. But there’s another side to classical music, the jeans and t-shirt type of orchestral music you’ll find in the theme to The Simpsons, in a commercial for Detroit’s hottest new convertible, in the Jazz clubs of New Orleans, or in your kids’ favorite animated adventure.

The modern versions of classical music that make you wonder; if Vivaldi were around today, would he be sitting at Starbucks, listening to his iPod while emailing a Hollywood director about scoring the next big summer blockbuster? Would Rachmaninoff be collaborating with Cirque du Soleil, or the latest Celine Dion show in Vegas? Would Tchaikovsky compose for The Apprentice: The Musical?

The NEPA Philharmonic celebrates classical orchestral music’s relevance to pop culture on our Pops Series. Each year, our Pops concerts delight audiences with the irresistible, toe-tapping, finger snapping, POP-ular works we know and love. This season, our Pops series takes us on a journey from great movie themes, through the bright lights of Broadway, to jazz clubs of the swing era. Your sponsorship would provide a portion of the artistic and production costs that make this series possible. We invite you to join us in our celebration of these modern classics – no jacket required.