Fostering a Love of Music


Application deadline: Friday, October 16, 2020

Video submission deadline: Sunday, October 18, 2020

The NEPP Mentoring Program offers a unique learning opportunity for high school musicians from this region. Not just limited to students who hope to pursue a career in music, the program is designed to foster a love of music, build the next generation of audiences and teach the students the discipline required to achieve musical excellence. The program is open to piano, strings, woodwinds and brass instruments only (no saxophone).


The 2020-21 NEPP Mentoring Program is likely to be held exclusively online. (TBD) indicates activities that are subject to change and based on the CDC recommendations. 

Included in the program:

  • Monthly private lessons and chamber music coachings with NEPP musicians
  • Sectionals with Mélisse Brunet and NEPP musicians
  • Masterclasses with guest soloists and members of the NEPP
  • Free concert tickets to all NEPA Philharmonic performances for the season (TBD)
  • Side-by-side performances with the NEPA Philharmonic (TBD)
  • Leadership opportunities (TBD)
  • Chamber music recital (TBD)
  • Panel discussions with Mélisse Brunet and guest speakers

All participating students are assigned to a musician in the orchestra, or mentor, who plays their instrument. They receive monthly private lessons and the opportunity to rehearse and perform in a concert with the full orchestra (TBD). Students enrolled in the mentoring program also receive two complimentary tickets to all NEPA Philharmonic performances for the current season (TBD). At the end of the season, the students are invited to rehearse and perform alongside the NEPA Philharmonic during the Young People’s Concerts (TBD).

Additionally, the students will be involved in a chamber music group (i.e. duo, trio or quartet). Every month, the chamber groups will meet with a NEPA mentor for an hour-long coaching in preparation to a chamber music recital at the end of the season (TBD).

The impact this program has on the high school students involved is profound. They are surrounded by peers and adults who share their passion for music and who “speak the same language.” They develop an increased awareness of musical excellence, and they grow exponentially as musicians. The creativity, self-discipline and aesthetic standards that the students develop will have a strong impact on their future careers, whether they become musicians, homemakers, scientists, architects, artists, teachers or engineers.

2017/2018 Mentoring Students Chamber Music Recital