Music Education

The Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic is pleased to partner with our community, offering a number of programs and concerts, which benefit our region and particularly our children. Each year, our orchestra has the opportunity to expose our young people to new music and enriching cultural experiences via family focused concerts and programs, age-appropriate performances, and experiential learning opportunities which allow young people in their formative years to have fun and learn about the value of music in our lives. Student musical competitions, interactive website pages and teaching lesson plans, are all included in our Educational Community Engagement (ECE) programs. The ECE Programs include all Philharmonic initiatives that directly educate and musically influence the young people of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Our organization is proud to introduce music that enriches the lives of the children and young people by offering unique programs that bring great value to our lives. We hope that our community will take advantage of the many ways the Philharmonic brings fun learning opportunities to the children to our area. Please view each link to learn more about the opportunities you have to engage yourselves, your children, your students and your families in wonderful musical and learning experiences, which enrich our lives through enjoyment and encourage a lifelong passion and appreciation for the arts.

For Schools

Piano Competition

The Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic Piano Competition provides an opportunity for young adults in grades 7 through 12 every two years to come together with their peers to perform and compete before an audience of family, friends, musicians and educators. The 2016 Piano Competition finals were held at WVIA’s studio in Pittston on Sunday, June 12th, 2016 and we are proud to announce  the winners of the competition in the Junior and Senior division.

Mentoring Program

The Northeastern PA Philharmonic Mentoring Program offers a unique learning opportunity for high school musicians from this region. Not just limited to students who hope to pursue a career in music, the program is designed to foster a love of music, build the next generation of audiences and teach the students the discipline required to achieve musical excellence.

Young People’s Concert (YPC)

The Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic’s Young People’s Concerts provide a unique opportunity for children in grades 3 through 6 to explore classical music as part of their educational curriculum. Each year, the Philharmonic presents four youth oriented live concerts with coordinating classroom materials to over 6,000 students in private, public, parochial schools in addition to home schooled children. Participating schools receive study booklets and CDs that present background information on the music and composers in a fun and age appropriate format, while the CD presents excerpts of the upcoming concert’s music with a “ play-by-play” commentary by our Interim Music Director Mélisse Brunet.

Music in Our Schools

Music in Our Schools (MIOS) provides an in-house musical experience to children within a school facility or educational program, including special needs schools with programs for childhood handicaps, learning disabilities, or hearing and speech disorders.

For the Community

Meet the Maestro

Meet the Maestro is a new program designed to help parents nurture their child’s musical growth. It provides developmentally appropriate music and movement instruction to preschool children that includes a visit to the libraries in the Lackawanna County Children’s Library System by the Philharmonic’s Maestro, Lawrence Loh. Meet the Maestro develops children’s basic music competence by providing an interactive music experience rather than learning concepts through watching a performance. For 45 minutes, area preschool children learn how music relates to movement. With friendly ‘down on the floor’ informality, the Maestro shows the children how to listen for particular sounds in a musical piece, and how music can be used throughout life to reduce stress.

Masterworks Pre-Lecture Series

Prior to each masterworks concert throughout the season, Interim Music Director Mélisse Brunet will give a brief talk regarding the music you are about to hear. Knowing the background of outstanding compositions before listening to them helps to create a better understanding and appreciation of the music when it is heard. Sponsoring a pre-concert lecture is another way for businesses to support outreach and education.